7 Weird Things Girls Do When They Get Jealous

Every one of us gets jealous at some point for one reason or the other. However, for the female folks, jealousy is more likely to occur often as they tend to be rather possessive. Girls are territorial creatures and would do anything to secure their own. Getting jealous is not always a negative behavior as it is a sign she is afraid of losing you to another.
On the other hand, jealousy can make girls act weirdly, doing things that ordinarily they would not have done. Below are some things girls are likely to do when they are jealous, that guys find rather weird.
1. Suddenly changing moods
2. Ignoring you
3. Asking people to monitor you
4. Pretending to be too busy
5. Trying to flirt with other men
6. Creating fake accounts to monitor you
7. Becoming too clingy

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